Houston Wheel Repair of Factory Wheels and Custom Rims


The Professional Solution for Rim Repair and Customizing by the Largest Store in  Houston

At GreenWheels® we offer a professional solution for all your old and stressed factory wheels or custom wheel repair in Houston.  For over 22 years, we have serviced the Houston area in the largest independent wheel and tire company in the city. Our alloy wheel repair specialists work with state-of-the-art technology to repair wheel structural damage, allowing us to offer our clients a Lifetime Warranty on their structure. We also offer a huge inventory of factory wheels for sale. Our reconditioning process allows us to refurbish the damaged wheel to its original factory color and presentation on their facing, allowing us to inventory thousands of OEM rims for sale that you can buy at up to 70% off the dealer’s published MSRP.

factory wheel repair magnified

  • Wheel Repair.
  • Recondition.
  • Refinish.
  • Polishing.

Here at you will be able to:

Learn about our rim repair process, trade old OEM rims and inquiry about any rim you are looking for.

We recondition, refurbish and repair steel wheels, factory wheels and custom rims. Our computerized color mixer allows us to customize any rim, or color match the rim to your vehicle’s original body paint.

In this website, you will have a chance to learn about our process for alloy wheel repair, customizing or the restoration of original vintage rims. You will also see how we bring the wheels to the same original quality and presentation, like the first day you bought your car, truck or SUV.  We do all this while helping the care for the environment by recycling and refurbishing wheels that otherwise would be trashed.


Visit our OEM RIM Store to buy or trade any original stock rims.

As we are the largest independent shop of wheel repair in Houston, we have acres full of inventory of factory wheels for sale. You can shop online at our OEM wheel store, from the comfort of your home or office; and take advantage of our Free Shipping within the continental U.S.

If you don’t find the exact wheel you are looking for, just ask us by submitting a simple Wheel/Tire Inquiry form and we’ll find it for you.

You can also trade those old factory wheels taking space in your garage through a form in our Wheel Trade-In program and receive credit toward the purchase or reconditioned or new wheels or simply sell them to us.


Wheel and Tire Recycling.

Yes, we care about the environment just as much as you. For that reason GreenWheels® is committed to recycling your cracked, broken or old rims to reputable recyclers in the country. We also exchange good used tires to give them a second life and cut down on tire pollution. Unite your recycling effort with us.


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